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Deeply Rooted in Communication

By: Tyler Purdy, LCSW Communication is a key to life. We communicate for work, in families, at school, in all aspects of our lives. Now, I could start spouting off some statistics like communication is both verbal and nonverbal and that within these two types, verbal communication makes up 45% of all that is communicated…

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Deeply Rooted in Protection Against Pornography

By: Kelli Stout, CSW I’m sure I’m not alone in my deep concern about the devastating effects of pornography. I have seen firsthand the harm it has caused individuals, couples, and families. We hear much talk today about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones and the most prevalent solutions are to keep it…

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Deeply Rooted in Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving week! Studies show that feeling and expressing gratitude improves our mental and physical health. It also increases our experience of happiness. Sometimes feeling grateful seems easier to do than others. How can we support our families (and ourselves) in getting into this healthy habit? Create and maintain Thanksgiving traditions of expressing…

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Child-Parent Relationship Training Course

  Child-Parent Relationship Training (CPRT) CPRT fall 2014 flyer Click on the link underlined above to learn more about this great class that teaches parents how to improve relationships with their children and each other. This amazing 6 week course starts on October 6th so call us today at 801-785-1169 to reserve a seat. This…

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Deeply Rooted in Seeking Secure Attachment

By Elsebeth Green I grew up in a home in Denmark with parents who were good people, but who modeled a view of the world and relationships that left much to be desired. My mother was 15 when she got pregnant with my sister, and desperately wanted to be cherished and loved by my father,…

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