Events, Classes and Groups

NOTE: The majority of our regular classes were suspended in 2020 to accommodate lockdown measures in the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call our Pleasant Grove location for information about when classes will begin again.

At The Green House Center for Growth & Learning we are committed to providing educational and process opportunities through counseling courses. Experiencing therapy in a group setting offers enhanced personal insight, support from peers and mentors.

Upcoming/On Hold Classes 

Therapy for Adults Teens Kids

Women's Healing Retreat

Pleasant Grove Location:

Check back for more information.


Women who are dealing with relational trauma are invited to attend this class where skills will be taught on how to understand and process the trauma.  You will identify your triggers, understand your own story and develop coping mechanisms for your life.


Upcoming Classes - Watch for more information or call our office to get on a list to be notified of dates and times


DBT LifeSkills

Pleasant Grove Location:

6th - 8th graders – Tuesdays 3:30 - 5:00pm. Check back for start dates.

This adolescent group references many of the skills offered in our DBT class, however they are presented as skills for youth to use.  Topics are taught in rotating sections, and all sections can be completed within a year of attendance.

Please call the office to join this class.

Cost to attend is $37.50 per session


Social Skills Group

Check back for start dates.

  • Tuesdays - Ages 5 to 8 years old
  • Wednesdays - Ages 9 to 12 years old
  • Thursdays - Ages 13 to 15 years old

Our Social Skills Groups are typically 8 weeks of instruction.  The class is geared towards teaching children:

  • Modeling and experiencing healthy social interactions
  • Communicating more appropriately and learning the affect we have on others.
  • Interpreting non-verbal communication of others
  • Building cooperation skills
  • Learning how to negotiate
  • Participating in good sportsmanship and team work
  • Increasing listening skills

The class will be taught by Emma Worlton, MSWi and other qualified therapists. The cost per class is $25.00.  If you have a foster child in your home, talk to your caseworker to see if you can receive special funding to fund the course.  If your child has Medicaid, we may be able to bill the cost through them.

If you have any questions, or to register, please contact Shantell at, or speak to your child’s primary therapist.


Attachment Family Therapy


Attend this group family therapy to discover more about your own attachment style and how to promote a more secure attachment with your child. Your parent/child relationship will be strengthened and your joy in parenting will increase as you practice the principles taught here.

This group therapy will discuss concepts that include:

  • Attachment styles and behaviors
  • Attachment and brain development
  • Attuned commutation and nurturing tools for building attachment
  • Relationship building disciplining strategies
  • Trauma’s impact on children
  • Tools for dealing with trauma
  • Therapeutic resources available for foster children

This 9-week counseling opportunity has a fee of $300.00 for an individual or $375.00 for a couple.



As a parent do you feel like you have lost control? Do you find yourself yelling at your child more often than laughing with your child? Do you feel you have lost touch with your child…don’t feel as close as you’d like? Do you feel frustrated and find yourself saying the same things over and over again with no results? Would you like for your relationship with your child to go back to the “way it used to be”? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, please read on…

C-P-R Training (also called Filial Therapy) is a research-based parenting course that teaches parents how to use some of the same skills that play therapists use to help children experiencing social, emotional or behavioral problems. Research shows that motivated parents can be as effective as a professional in helping their child.

In this course you will learn how to: Regain control as a parent, Help your child develop self-control, Effectively discipline & limit, Inappropriate behavior, Understand your child’s emotional needs, Communicate more effectively with your child.

In a few weeks you will see a noticeable difference in: Your relationship with your child, Your child’s behavior, Your ability to respond effectively, Your confidence in your parenting skills.


DBT Skills Group

Pleasant Grove Location:

  • Young Adults – First Wednesday of the month 3:30 - 5:00pm. Check back for start dates.

Riverton Location:

  • Not Yet Available - Please call in to let us know you are interested

Springville Location:

  • Not Yet Available - Please call in to let us know you are interested

Saratoga Springs Location:

  • Not Yet Available - Please call in to let us know you are interested

This group is a psycho-educational group and is paired with individual treatment. Clients may work with individual therapists that are not employed by our agency; however, regular individual appointments are required.

Topics Covered:

  • Distress Tolerance
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Shame Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Manage Emotions more Effectively
  • Increase Coping Skills
  • Reduce Self- Sabotage
  • Practice Healthy Relationship Skills

Cost to attend is $37.50 per session


Trauma Informed Parenting Support Group


Are you trying to parent a child who has experienced trauma? Come join us in this course to gain information and support in your parenting journey. Classes are facilitated by Collette Dawson-Loveless and Elsebeth Green. Techniques from Bessel van der Kolk’s book, The Body Keeps the Score, will be featured in the classes.

Cost to attend is $350 per person or $425 per couple. This is a 10 week course that we look forward to seeing you at!