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Mental Health Therapy

Deeply Rooted in Mental Health and Wellness

By: Collette Dawson-Loveless, LCSW Many articles are written on and much time spent on defining Mental Illness. Have you ever wondered about the definition of Mental Health and Wellness? Our Podcast for February discusses this topic and we want you to have the resources that we used to help us understand more about Mental Health…

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Deeply Rooted In Mental Wellness – When To Seek Therapy

Five (Not So Obvious) Reasons You Might Need Therapy By Candi Higley There are often misconceptions surrounding therapy and one of the biggest is that therapy can “fix” us. Last I checked, we weren’t machines, we aren’t broken, and we don’t need fixing. But what if there was another way to view therapy, as a…

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Recognizing Depression and Anxiety in Children

by: Collette Dawson-Loveless, LCSW, RPT-S, EMDR Certified, NF Trained   All children experience stress and sadness as a part of normal everyday life. We are wired for learning and growth and healthy children are  typically resilient and adapt quickly. But sometimes we see children get stuck in ways of coping that hurt them or others…

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Deeply Rooted in Understanding Therapy Modalities

By: Karen Salisbury, CSW I often hear our wonderful office administrators on the phone explaining therapy modalities to clients and potential clients. I underestimate all of the hats they wear and the knowledge they need to acquire in order to meet the needs of those they come in contact with. Because this is something they do…

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Deeply Rooted in Community Resources

By: Karen Salisbury, CSW Often in life, we find ourselves in situations beyond our control.  We may have family members working through infertility struggles, cancer, drug addictions, deaths, etc. We, as clinicians, are no different. Many years ago, I found myself involved with family members who suffered chronically from debilitating mental illnesses. It was long…

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Deeply Rooted in Knowing You Are Not Alone

By: Sonya Perkins, CSW Sometimes we never feel more alone than when we are surrounded by people. We walk around wearing a mask of what we think we should be or what we think they want us to be and inside we are saying, “If they only knew the real me. No one could ever…

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Deeply Rooted in Clarifying the Misconceptions of Mental Health Therapy

By: Marilee Woolstenhulme, LCSW Addressing some misconceptions about mental health therapy. Before I began my schooling to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I was like any body else: I didn’t know much about therapy other than what I’d seen on a TV screen. Take this quiz to separate fact from fiction and learn more…

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