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Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted in Making the Transition Back to School

By Collette Dawson-Loveless Transitions are hard for some of us. It seems like we just got adjusted to our summertime routine and it is now time to get ready for school to begin again. Some children handle the transitions well without much preparation, but for many the changes come with increased stress, anxiety and with…

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Deeply Rooted in Freedom, as a Prized Possession

By: Elsebeth Green, LCSW “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”  ― Mahatma Gandhi Freedom is our most prized possession and we would do many things to maintain the right to make our own choices, worship as we will, choose our work and our hobbies, etc.  Our country…

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Deeply Rooted in No-Drama Discipline Part 2

By: Jalynn Johnson, CSW Welcome back! This is Part 2 of 3 on Dr. Dan Siegel’s book, No Drama Discipline. If you missed Part 1, go and check it out! We covered how we can change our discipline philosophy to parent from an intentional place, rather than from a place of reactivity. We also learned…

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Deeply Rooted in No-Drama Discipline Part 1

By: Jalynn Johnson, CSW Working at The Green House I have been exposed to so many wonderful resources!  I have been introduced to books, trainings, techniques, you name it!  For this blog post, I want to share my personal notes and outline of Dan Siegel’s book, No Drama Discipline: The whole-brain way to calm the…

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Deeply Rooted in Mental Health and Wellness

By: Collette Dawson-Loveless, LCSW Many articles are written on and much time spent on defining Mental Illness. Have you ever wondered about the definition of Mental Health and Wellness? Our Podcast for February discusses this topic and we want you to have the resources that we used to help us understand more about Mental Health…

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Deeply Rooted In Happiness

By Elsebeth Green, LCSW, RPT-S The brilliant positive psychologist, Martin Seligman starts out his book Authentic Happiness with the fascinating story of a study of 141 seniors graduating from some high school and the types of smiles they displayed in their senior pictures. Apparently, there are two types of smiles and they actually have names.…

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Deeply Rooted In Mental Wellness – When To Seek Therapy

Five (Not So Obvious) Reasons You Might Need Therapy By Candi Higley There are often misconceptions surrounding therapy and one of the biggest is that therapy can “fix” us. Last I checked, we weren’t machines, we aren’t broken, and we don’t need fixing. But what if there was another way to view therapy, as a…

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Deeply Rooted in Enjoying a More Present Holiday Season

By: Nichol Taylor, AMFT As we jump into the heart of the holiday season, we sometimes forget the simple things that make it truly nostalgic and memorable. There is much to be mindful about and many ways to be present with our families and loved ones. Mindfulness is a term that has been used a…

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Deeply Rooted in Sitting with Your Emotions

Sitting With Emotions

By: Jalynn Johnson, CSW, MSW Picture this; you’ve just had a long day at work, you got a somewhat rude text from your brother telling you that something you’re doing isn’t right, the commute was horrible, and you just arrived home. What’s the first thing you do? Sit down and turn on the T.V.? Start…

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