Deeply Rooted in Understanding Our Minds

By: Jalynn Johnson, CSW Our mind is such a powerful tool! Have you ever noticed that what you think about influences how you feel? Many times we fall victim to believing that we have no control over how we think and feel. We sometimes also think that how we feel defines us, that it actually…

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Recognizing Depression and Anxiety in Children

by: Collette Dawson-Loveless, LCSW, RPT-S, EMDR Certified, NF Trained   All children experience stress and sadness as a part of normal everyday life. We are wired for learning and growth and healthy children are  typically resilient and adapt quickly. But sometimes we see children get stuck in ways of coping that hurt them or others…

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Deeply Rooted in Bibliotherapy for Anxiety


By: Karen Salisbury, CSW I love children’s books! If a young client comes in to my office, they know that at some time during the session, we will be sharing a book. Many of them run immediately to the bookcase to make their own selection. I’ve even been known to occasionally read a children’s book…

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