Deeply Rooted in Growth & Learning

I am passionate about growth and learning. I helped to choose this phrase as a part of the name of our business because of the significance I see in the growth and learning associated with healing and gaining insight from past trauma. I have dealt personally with significant grief and loss in my life and know from personal experience that when I focus on why bad things happen I feel victimized and powerless. But when I ask instead, what can I learn from all this pain? How can suffering lead to a sense of light and growth? I feel great strength and purpose. Life holds more meaning and I feel lighter and happier as I move through it.

Everyone and everything has some scars or flaws. The scars make each of us unique and beautiful. Take a close look at a tree. You will see knots and scarring in the bark of the trunk and the limbs. The older the tree, the more beautiful it becomes; due in large part to its growing past those difficult times.

I am so fortunate and honored as a therapist to assist my clients in coming to a greater understanding of their own value and to see that as they heal, they too are growing past the difficult times in their own lives and becoming. We are becoming stronger, wiser and more kind, compassionate and beautiful as a natural part of the process when we move through the more difficult parts of our lives.

Our brains are wired to learn through experience and practice. First, you learn something new, then you practice it and finally, after much practice, you become. Or rather, this new skill becomes a part of you, a part of how you do life. You no longer have to think about how to do it at that point. You have an innate desire to learn and grow. You feel a greater sense of wholeness as you learn new ways to manage your emotions, and to build, maintain and repair relationships.

Leanard Cohen wrote “There is a crack in everything; that is how the light gets in.”

Life is filled with challenge and struggle. Struggle is necessary to promote growth. A caterpillar cannot transform into a butterfly with sufficient wing strength to fly without first experiencing a monumental struggle to push through and out of the cocoon. The greater the challenge the greater the growth; provided you don’t get stuck.

You may be asking yourself, why do I need to see a counselor if this growth from struggling is so great? As a therapist, I realize I may be biased in this answer, but I have sought professional help myself in times of greater pain and distress and it has helped me move through the pain more quickly and with greater insight. You are more beautiful and powerful than you realize. Let me help you to work through the pain and suffering and move forward with greater passion and purpose in your life.