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Deeply Rooted in Enjoying a More Present Holiday Season

By: Nichol Taylor, AMFT As we jump into the heart of the holiday season, we sometimes forget the simple things that make it truly nostalgic and memorable. There is much to be mindful about and many ways to be present with our families and loved ones. Mindfulness is a term that has been used a…

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Deeply Rooted in Adaptability

By: Kenny Frazier, LCSW Once again it’s that time of year of change and transitions. And, if we look at our experiences closely, our lives seem to be filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of transitions—some big and others seemingly inconsequential. From waking up in the morning and beginning our day, to finishing with the work…

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Deeply Rooted in DBT

By: Shannon Nielson, LCSW DBT Group Manager In a series of blog posts, I will be giving information about DBT and some of the interesting things you can learn when you attend our groups. Below you will find a schedule of our groups and age ranges we currently offer. DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy.…

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Deeply Rooted in Mindfulness Practices for Optimal Brain Development

By: Cindy White, LCSW Would you believe that learning to respond mindfully to ordinary, everyday positive experiences could significantly enhance the neural plasticity in your brain?  Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson has identified that dedicating just three minutes a day to one particular mindfulness practice helps to facilitate synaptic formation and pruning that is so essential to…

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Open Enrollment for DBT Groups

DBT Group is Open  March 12th and 19th our adolescent and transition to adult living groups are open for new enrollees.   The next ten weeks our DBT Groups will be working to improve mindfulness and emotion regulation. These groups are in high demand so contact JaNae at the front office today to sign up.…

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