Open Enrollment for DBT Groups

DBT Group is Open Quilted Hearts

March 12th and 19th our adolescent and transition to adult living groups are open for new enrollees.  

The next ten weeks our DBT Groups will be working to improve mindfulness and emotion regulation. These groups are in high demand so contact JaNae at the front office today to sign up.  Call 801-785-1169 now to get your teen started on the path toward gaining greater insight and learning new skills for managing his or her emotions.

DBT is a psycho-education group designed to teach practical life skills. In this segment we work on increasing our emotional intelligence which, in turn, improves our ability to connect. We learn to identify our emotions and experience them without letting them carry us away. Skills for expressing emotions in a way that others can better hear and respond to our needs and skills for understanding the emotions of other to better empathize with them are a part of this segment as well.