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Deeply Rooted in Movement

Seeking Clarity

By: Scott McConnell, ACMHC Have you ever felt that your brain is running a million miles a second? Perhaps it was when you were trying to complete a task, make a decision, or contemplate something, but your mind kept racing and wandering to different things that made it hard to focus or relax. If you…

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Deeply Rooted in Adaptability

By: Kenny Frazier, LCSW Once again it’s that time of year of change and transitions. And, if we look at our experiences closely, our lives seem to be filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of transitions—some big and others seemingly inconsequential. From waking up in the morning and beginning our day, to finishing with the work…

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Deeply Rooted in Understanding Therapy Modalities

By: Karen Salisbury, CSW I often hear our wonderful office administrators on the phone explaining therapy modalities to clients and potential clients. I underestimate all of the hats they wear and the knowledge they need to acquire in order to meet the needs of those they come in contact with. Because this is something they do…

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Deeply Rooted in EMDR (FAQ’s)

EMDR FAQ’s By: Cindy White, LCSW What is EMDR? EMDR therapy is a form of psychotherapy based on the adaptive information processing (AIP) model, which suggests that our current level of resiliency and health is directly related to how past memories of adverse life events or traumas are stored in our brains. Adequately processed memories…

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Deeply Rooted in Community Resources

By: Karen Salisbury, CSW Often in life, we find ourselves in situations beyond our control.  We may have family members working through infertility struggles, cancer, drug addictions, deaths, etc. We, as clinicians, are no different. Many years ago, I found myself involved with family members who suffered chronically from debilitating mental illnesses. It was long…

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Welcome Derek Larsen

The Green House Center would like to welcome Derek Larsen, M.Ed, AMFT, our new therapist. Derek comes to The Green House Center after working with youth here in Utah Valley.  Derek completed his schooling at Weber State University, Northern Arizona University and Argosy, where he graduated with a Masters of Education and a Masters in…

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Deeply Rooted in Bibliotherapy for Anxiety


By: Karen Salisbury, CSW I love children’s books! If a young client comes in to my office, they know that at some time during the session, we will be sharing a book. Many of them run immediately to the bookcase to make their own selection. I’ve even been known to occasionally read a children’s book…

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Christmas Cheer

The staff of The Green House Center for Growth & Learning spent the morning celebrating the Christmas Season and all the joy that comes at this time of year.  We are grateful for one another, for our relationships and the opportunity to work in the communities we do.  We wish each of you a Very…

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Therapy Training in Haiti

We sent a team of therapists (Guerry, Elsebeth, Collette, Leslie and Cindy) to Haiti at the end of June to train interns there in Play Therapy and EMDR. These interns will be giving ongoing therapy to children in two orphanages, La’ Maison and Foyer de Sion, and one school, Haitian Roots Academy. The children who…

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