Deeply Rooted in Neurofeedback Training for ADHD


By: Donny Smith, MSW Intern I have seen through first hand experience as a therapist that Neurofeedback can help children learn how to regulate their brain activity. This will help them concentrate better at school and in turn increase their self-esteem. In most children, concentrating on a specific task helps to speed up their brain…

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Deeply Rooted in Neurofeedback for Autism Spectrum Disorder

By: Donny Smith, CSW Intern, MSW Medications have been proven to treat symptoms, however they do not correct the source of the problem in an individual. Here at The Green House Center for Growth & Learning, we have seen Neurofeedback to have lasting effects on individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) without using medication. Neurofeedback,…

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Deeply Rooted in Neurological Biofeedback

by Tyler Purdy Neurological biofeedback or neurofeedback is a treatment modality that helps you regulate your brain states. Throughout the day your brain experiences states of high arousal; which may arise from a task at work or engaging in some family function, homework, studying for a test: to states of lower arousal such as watching…

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