About The Green House Center for Growth and Learning


We would like to welcome you to The Green House Center for Growth and Learning. We want to make your time here pleasant as you work on challenging issues in your life.  Here are a few items that may be helpful to know:


Be Consistent

You will have ups and downs as you go through the therapeutic process, and your therapist will be there to support you through them. On days that you feel better, or are especially upset, you may be tempted to skip therapy. We ask that you be committed to what you sign up for. Talk to your therapist about how long this process might be for you and how to handle those ups and downs.  We ask that you not just cancel or stop your therapy. This can be more detrimental then never beginning, and be very frustrating to both parties. Also, you will be given a much sought after slot with a therapist who commits to you, while there are often others are waiting. We ask that you think seriously about this commitment up front. Plan on taking 2-3 sessions to wrap things up appropriately when it is time to take a break or complete therapy.


Be Courteous

We ask that you cancel 2 business days before your appointment . This is because there are people waiting for cancellations and if we have notice, we can get them in. If you cancel later than 2 business days before your appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee. If you are a DCFS or Medicaid client or coming with Bishop’s funding, you will be required to cover this cost yourself when you show up for your next appointment.

Be Open

Our agency specializes in relationships and uses a systems approach to healing. There may be times when we will ask to see other key people in your life. We do not live in a vacuum and we do not heal in one either.




Research has shown that the number one success factor in therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. This is developed with much of your own participation. Therefore, we ask that you not miss more than one consecutive session, and that you only miss because you cannot avoid it. We know this can be hard, but this is what you are signing up for.In situations where your child is sick or your car is broken down or similar things occur, it is possible to conduct your session over the phone. Just call to arrange this. We also ask that you talk frankly to your therapist about any assignments that he or she may suggest, letting them know up front what you can and cannot commit to, so that you can find a rhythm that works for you and does not create unnecessary stops and starts to your process. You have important input in this area. Some clients like homework, and others do not.