Guerry Green

Founder & Public Relations

LCSW, RPT, EMDR Certified, NF Trained

With a Master of Social Work Degree from BYU, Guerry Green specializes in the dynamics of addiction as it impacts relationships and attachment within family systems. Guerry has worked with the Division of Child and Family Services as a family preservation worker and child protective services worker, and he was the Adult Clinical Director at The Gathering Place before he became co-owner of The Green House Center in fall of 2004.

Guerry provides couples, individuals and families with Emotion Focused Family Therapy techniques, EMDR therapy for child and adult victims of trauma (including pro-bono PTSD services for Veterans), Sand Tray therapy with children and adults, and Neurological biofeedback therapy.
Guerry has been extensively involved with the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program, assisting with the writing of the original Guidebook, as well as being a past facilitator at ARP support groups.
He and Elsebeth have also were involved with a committee working on a new Addiction Recovery manual for family members of addicts. His (and his family’s) personal recovery from addiction is an important part of his skill set as a therapist.
He is married to Elsebeth and they have 6 children, 7 grandchildren and 1 dog. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Guerry is a Marine Corps veteran and enjoys staying in touch with old friends and classmates. Tennis, golf, family history research and playing the drums are some of his hobbies and interests.

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135 W. Center Street
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Phone: (801) 785-1169
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