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Tyler Purdy

Lead Neurofeedback Therapist

Tyler received his MSW from the University of Utah. He has worked at The Green House Center for Growth and Learning in Pleasant Grove, UT, since 2011 where he utilizes traditional interventions such as CBT, sand tray, art and play therapy within his therapeutic work. He is currently working towards becoming certified in EMDR. In addition to these interventions, Tyler has received extensive training in the Othmer Method for Neurofeedback and has been using it as a therapeutic treatment for over 2 years.

Tyler is 100% nerd and enjoys the sci fi genre; particularly Star Wars. He also dabbles in gaming and loves to builds computers and LEGOS. Its these nerdy, gaming, techy sides of him that often help him relate to his clients, by already having some commonality between them. He is quick-witted and easy going. He has found this beneficial in his work as it helps create a therapeutic setting that is safe and relaxing, which in his experience, allows clients to just be themselves and not feel like they’re being judged or shamed for needing therapy which in turn helps them progress in their work faster and more effectively.

Tyler married the girl next door (literally, her parents and his parents are next door neighbors) after moving to Utah from California.

Tyler Purdy

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