TJ Thomas


When TJ looks back on his life, he wonders why he didn’t become a therapist sooner. The signs were all there: his high school friends nicknamed him “band aid” because he was so often helping heal emotions, he always found psychology fascinating and would talk about what he learned for hours, and his favorite job was as a youth counselor for a summer camp program.

So, when he finally got the message from the universe (and after a slew of other job experiences from house flipping to television writing), TJ attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a Master of Social Work degree. He is now thrilled to be working at the Green House Center, helping others find peace and acceptance the way his own therapist helped him for years.

TJ is especially passionate about working with teens and young adults during the difficult transitionary points in their life. This is largely because, ironically, these are the times when people often need the most help and support, but frequently feel the least able to find help in family or peers. In his work, TJ emphasizes use of practical, real-world solutions, including use of skills to help individuals better understand their thought processing, and discovering the core fears that each of us have which so often hold us back.

When not in the therapist’s chair, TJ can be found acting on various stages around the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys or planning out his next travel adventure.

For free therapeutic information and resources, follow his Instagram account @tjcounseling

Contact TJ

12427 S. Pasture Rd #102
Riverton, UT  84096

Phone: (801) 785-1169
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