Sarah Blair


Sarah started her career as an archaeologist but discovered she liked working with living people better than dead people, so she switched to social work. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Social work also from Brigham Young University. She has been practicing as a therapist for 9 years and is excited to be a new therapist at the Green House Center.

Sarah has enjoyed working with many different clients: from adolescents to octogenarians, veterans, inmates, substance abusers, teens in state’s custody, college students, trauma survivors, LGBTQ individuals, immigrants, and diverse religious or non-religious backgrounds. She feels that being with people in therapy is a privilege because she gets to be with them as they heal, learn, and grow.

Sarah is EMDR trained and uses theories and techniques from CBT, DBT, ACT, and IFS. She also believes in taking a holistic approach to mental health that involves marshalling all forms of self-care: mindfulness, diet, exercise, sports, dance, art, music, and community.

In her free time Sarah loves hiking, social dancing, traveling, eating, and reading.


Contact Sarah

135 W Center Street
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

12427 S. Pasture Rd. #102
Riverton, UT 84096

Phone: (801) 785-1169
Fax: (801) 785-1154