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Grow With Us Podcast

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Listen to The Green House Center's Founders Elsebeth and Guerry Green, along with Collette Dawson-Loveless and other mental health experts discuss important strategies on improving relationships, more mindful living and how to find hope despite obstacles and struggles.

Podcast #3 - Social Media and Its Challenges

Nate Porter and Jessica Miller are special guests with the Green House Center's founders on today's podcasts. Learn about common challenges that teachers and families are facing with social media use, and simple tools you can implement in guiding teens (and adults!) in healthy technology habits.

Podcast #2 - Vision for The Green House Center Founded in Personal Healing

Personal tragedy catapulted The Green House Center's founders on a path for creating healing, not only for themselves but also for the commiunity. Join in to listen to the journey from being a new widow for one owner, and a path of addiction and co-dependence for the others, to an organization that supports hundreds of individuals each week on a path of healing and hope.

Podcast #1 - Introduction to the Green House Center and Attachment Based Healing

Join the founders of the Greenhouse Center for Growth and Learning; Elsebeth Green, Guerry Green, Collette Dawson Loveless as they uncover the roots of their successful therapy practice and delve into the theory and application that transforms clients from avoidant, anxious or unorganized attached to learning how to create a secure attachment.