Kelsey Schuwer

CSW | Therapist 

Kelsey is a Certified Social Worker(CSW) with an MSW from Utah Valley University and a BS in Psychology from Brigham Young University. She loves connecting with people and feels it a great privilege to be in the role of a therapist.

She believes in the power of play, art, and movement in the therapeutic process. She gives a child a safe space to process and express in his native language of play. She uses art with and sand tray to give clients space to explore patterns and symbols to help them understand their world on a deeper level. She uses experiential strategies like games, trading places with a client in roleplay, walking around the block to teach and practice coping and relationship skills to explore relational dynamics.

She works with the family system as a whole with an emphasis on attachment, so you may find her touching base with a parent to partner in treatment, observing and guiding a parent and child to complete playful tasks to strengthen the parent-child relationship, teaching a client about the attachment cycle, or supporting a parent and teen in repairing their relationship in individual and joint sessions (ABFT).

From personal and professional experience, she believes that individuals can heal from the pain of trauma through reprocessing, strengthening internal and external resources, and developing coping skills. She uses EMDR, meditation, strengthening a client’s support system, teaching and practicing skills for managing stress or difficult situations (DBT & CBT), to support healing.

In Kelsey’s sessions, the client is the person driving change. As the therapist, Kelsey works to develop a healthy and secure attachment with clients and partners with them to develop individualized goals. When a client is feeling stuck or ambivalent to change, she may help him to identify personal values and build on the client’s strengths (MI).

Outside of the office, Kelsey enjoys singing opera and choral music, growing flowers from seed, painting, visiting her neighbors, watching Hallmark Mysteries, and being silly with her children.


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