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Joshua Swallow


Josh has a calm and gentle approach, giving his clients space to feel safe as they share their lives with him. Above all, he believes in helping a person feel validated in who they are at that point in their life. Rather than pushing the client to subscribe to a certain way of thinking and being, he joins the client in discovering the path that feels right to them, respecting their unique life experience. Josh believes each person has a unique contribution to the world, and wants to help guide people in discovering a fulfilling path.

Josh has a strong sense for relationships, giving him an ability to help people find solutions to their struggles through finding a deeper more loving connection with those around them. Josh believes that healing and strengthening the bonds in family relationships can lead to finding solutions for all trials that the family might face. He believes that when the family unit is securely attached, it has power to work through deep struggle.

Josh has 6 years of experience working with teenagers who have faced some of the darkest trials. In working with these remarkable and resilient people, Josh has gained deep respect and love for those who have experienced trauma through abuse, neglect, or substance abuse. He also has experience working with those who feel trapped by addiction, anxiety, depression, or feelings of loss. Josh is also effective in helping parents learn to adjust to their children’s ever-changing needs, giving them tools to help their children grow while building and maintaining a secure relationship.

Josh received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University, and then a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University. Josh found a passion for therapy as he learned some therapeutic skills to cope with his own life challenges. Through this process he found himself wanting to share his life experience and talents with others, and has felt great fulfillment in doing so.

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