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Kenny Frazier


Kenny Frazier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who recently made the transition from the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center working with complex homeless veterans with a myriad of psychosocial issues to The Green House Center for Growth & Learning where he accepted a position to assist with the development of a treatment and support program for Pornography and Addiction.  Prior to the VA, Kenny was a Primary Counselor at the prestigious Cirque Lodge—rated in the top 5 Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities in the United States and a preferred choice amongst high profile individuals struggling with substance abuse/dependence.

In 1997, while he engaged in and completed Massage Therapy training, Kenny became captivated by the body’s natural and comprehensive ability to heal itself, when provided the “right” environment,.  This opened his eyes to the possibilities of healing—naturally, effectively—utilizing non-invasive, complimentary, and “alternative” methods.  He has studied the healing traditions of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, as well as tribal traditions, those of shamans, and various forms of spirituality.  He became a specialist in what he terms “Integrative” Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, as well as SomatoEmotional Release Therapy.

Kenny believes that the mind and body are inseparably connected.  He also believes that we are more than just our body and/or our mind.  As a result, he returned to graduate school in order to gain greater insight, education, skills, and the credentials to more effectively integrate the mind with the rest of the self.

Kenny has more recently become fascinated with human potential.  He believes that it is not enough to just reduce suffering, but rather, prefers to explore what each individual is capable of—an individual’s potential—and are they willing to allow their greatness to be expressed and seen or will they settle for the status quo, for mediocrity.  He has and continues to study the sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Emotional Freedom Technique, the Emotion-Code, as well as other ways to de-activate old, self-defeating beliefs, programming, and behaviors and install new self-promoting, life-affirming, empowering, and optimal ways of viewing the self, others, and the world which allow the individual to create and live a life worth living.

Throughout the years, Kenny has continued to bridge this gap between the mind and body through comprehensive trainings in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  In addition, Kenny is a certified Mind-Body Bridging Instructor and although has been exposed to and has learned a number of different modalities and interventions, has seen tremendous benefit from the following approaches to integration, including, Internal Family Systems/Voice Dialogue, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy.  And, he loves to ride his bikes…

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