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Archive for January 2014

Deeply Rooted in Seeking Secure Attachment

By Elsebeth Green I grew up in a home in Denmark with parents who were good people, but who modeled a view of the world and relationships that left much to be desired. My mother was 15 when she got pregnant with my sister, and desperately wanted to be cherished and loved by my father,…

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Deeply Rooted in Healthful Living

By Makensie Baker, CSW I grew up living a very active lifestyle; involved in many extracurricular activities in my childhood, sports throughout high school and college, and now competing in races and staying active today. There are multiple reasons for why I continue to live this way. However, the most important reason is that it…

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Deeply Rooted In Recovery

By Guerry Green, LCSW I learned to be deeply rooted in recovery when I personally became fully aware of the power and control of addictive disease. It took a couple of near death experiences after several relapses and dragging my family through those tragedies to finally accept my own powerlessness. Growing up in an alcoholic…

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Deeply Rooted in Hope and Healing

By Jenny Infanger, CSW Variation and change are pretty much the only constants in life. Sometimes I get to relish the rainbow brilliance of success and well-being, but other times I slog through days, even months, of darkness. We usually cannot predict the difficulties that life will bring. We all hope for contentment and enjoyment,…

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Deeply Rooted in Wholehearted Connection

By Elsebeth Green, LCSW, RPT-S A few years ago I became fascinated with Brene Brown’s work on Shame and how it serves as the number one factor in changing connection to disconnection. Why do I care so much? Because connection is the key to everything that’s beautiful in loving, living, and parenting and is the…

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Deeply Rooted in Growth & Learning

By Collette Dawson-Loveless, LCSW, RPT I am passionate about growth and learning. I helped to choose this phrase as a part of the name of our business because of the significance I see in the growth and learning associated with healing and gaining insight from past trauma. I have dealt personally with significant grief and…

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