Deeply Rooted In Healing and Hope
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Are you looking for a counselor?

At The Green House Center for Growth & Learning we have 20 therapists on our team, qualified to assist you through trauma, transitions, or other challenging life circumstances. Many of our clients immediately recognize a quality in training, engagement, and connection to their counselor. Therapy is a journey of discovery and healing, you are not alone.


Child Therapy

Play therapy is designed to reduce symptoms of stress and feelings of victimization, as a skilled counselor facilitates this process. If you are concerned about your child. Please call today.

Adult Counseling

At The Green House Center for Growth & Learning we are committed to help you through the process of healing past trauma, depression and transitional periods.

Family Healing

We have a well-rounded toolbox to help each of our clients enhance their biological, psychological, social and emotional wellness.

About Us

Founded in 2004, The Greenhouse Center’s name came from the directors’ vision for providing comprehensive mental health services not only supporting families and individuals in crisis, but also for encouraging growth and development for human beings to enjoy rich, rewarding lives. The Green House Center for Growth & Learning is a private counseling clinic located in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Our new address is 135 W Center in Pleasant Grove, right by 100 W and Center Streets.  By doubling in size, we have an enhanced opportunity to provide services to those in need. The warm, family atmosphere is inviting and cozy. Come and let us serve you! We also have an office in Springville, Utah.